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The Alomaja Law Group, is a premier Houston based law office, servicing the greater Houston area. Our hand reaches from Harris County, to Waller, Montgomery, Fort Bend and Galveston, but the great thing about our law office, is that we meet you wherever you are. At the Alomaja Law Group, our focus is our clients. At our law office, clients come first. We are always ready to answer a phone, return an email or show up in court on behalf of our client, whom we consider family. 

Here at the Alomaja Law Group, our ultimate goal is to put our clients in a better position than when they first arrive at our doors. Whether we are handling an injury claim, a divorce proceeding, or a traffic ticket, we strive to make an impact on our client’s lives and not just an impression. 

Our Process

Unlike other law firms, Attorney Lakisha Alomaja, prides herself on being involved in every aspect of her client’s cases. She is present from the initial consultation, until your file is fully disposed. She doesn’t use middle men in her firm, if you retain her, she will personally be handling your claim, no matter how minor or complex the task may be. 



Attorney Lakisha Alomaja 

Attorney Lakisha Alomaja is an aggressive litigator who gets results. In Houston, she in known as the million dollar lawyer, due to her extensive career as a personal injury attorney. Lakisha has worked for small and large firms and has an array of knowledge in the legal field. She started her legal profession as an intern in the Brazos County felony prosecutor’s office. There she assisted on several murder trials and prosecuted sex crimes, under the supervision of the Brazos County District Attorney, Jarvis Parsons. 


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